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  • Tesserae - Mosaic Studio
  • Tesserae - Mosaic Studio
  • Tesserae - Mosaic Studio

Tesserae means "piece" in Greek. Pieces of stones or glass are used to create a mosaic picture. I chose this name for my artistic business as a good symbol of my work. Read More...


Fountain Mosaic, Dublin, CA

The fountain mosaic for Shannon Community center in Dublin, CA is installed and officially open for public. See More Images ยป


More Work for Home and Garden


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Welcome to my virtual mosaic studio

My mosaic projects are, in short, the expression of my desire to accentuate the colors in our everyday environment--on the streets, buildings, and in parks. After working all of my life as an artist of multiple mediums (including watercolors, sculpture, silk painting), I re-discovered mosaics while designing a project for an art school program in 2000.

Growing up in Kiev, Ukraine, where every day one walks by historic buildings whose walls are inlaid with intricate Byzantine mosaics, imprinted in my mind endless ideas and inspiration for my own mosaic designs.
Smalt is colored glass, which, when cut, produces pieces used for making mosaics. The color palette of melted glass is endless. The brightness of the pieces is incomparable to any other media.

I hope you enjoy looking at my mosaics as much as I enjoy working on them.

Margarita Soyfertis