Fountain Mosaic - Shannon Community Center, Dublin, CA


Dear Visitors,

The fountain mosaic for Shannon Community center in Dublin, CA is installed and officially open for public. I'm, glad to introduce my co-author of the mosaic—artist and designer Vadim Goretsky. He joined me on the project in September 2008. The process of collaboration brought out the best in our skills and expertise. We are looking forward to work as a team on future projects.

We have received lots of positive feedback from the local community and press. Here is a link to an article in Pleasanton Weekly, March 23,2009

The Tesserae studio opened its doors to the community of friends and family whose hard work and enthusiasm helped to make it so special.

Our thanks and appreciation
to all participants:

Liza, Dima and Michael Soyfertis
Sasha and Blaize Wanyevskiy
Tanya Pashkevich
Eric Crosson
Nataly Baughman
Lili, Jacob and Felix Remmenik
Dany Uretskiy
Maryse and Thane Frivold
Yitzhar Goretsky
Anya, Roma and Anton Tyutyunik
Ela and Tomek  Bender
Renee Chin
Michelle Nero
Alex, Maya and Jan Goldobin
Susan Bird
Sue Shien Ho
Roit Hatta
Anatoly Khiller
Joseph Shapiro
Judith Alderman